Hello and Welcome To My Website.

                                                                                     I’m Mecca an Atlanta Native and Former Boutique Owner. Lover of all things Fashionable and Beauty. Here’s How I                                                                                        became Your Artist and Instructor. In early 2016 I traveled to California for vacation with Over waxed brows. Just                                                                                        days before traveling the Brow Artist at my preferred nail spa back home had completely destroyed my once full                                                                                          eyebrows. I was exasperated. Once in California I went into A Brow Spa for Just Brow Tint that would last the                                                                                                remaining of my Trip, but instead walked out with Microblading. A technique that was described to myself as Semi                                                                                      permanent and would last up to 2 years with required touch ups. The results were astonishing and I just could not                                                                                        believe how they appeared to be my actual eyebrows versus a pencil. Once home I Immediately started to further                                                                                          research microblading, without even realizing it would become a future Career. I just wanted to know more about                                                                                          the procedure and share it with my many friends who I knew would want full details. Microblading Research                                                                                                  quickly became Microblading Training Research . Once I was done with training I was elated and could not wait to                                                                                        start practicing so instantaneously, I started to recruit my friends and family members to be models and I soon I                                                                                            placed a Craigslist ad reading ” new microblading artist seeking experience free microblading” My Goal of 10 quickly turned into 30. Not making any profit just yet, I knew it would be a career I’d enjoy. I just loved the Feeling it gave me when my models expressed themselves after seeing their brand new brows. It was often OMG! I can’t believe I have brows! They Look So Real! They are Amazing THANK YOU! 

My Models soon started to refer me to their friends and family. The referrals start to weigh in and I knew it was time I get my own space and in just a few weeks I later opened the Doors to The Royal brow. I have since continued to educate myself in the field with continuing education to better serve my clients. As a 5 Star Rated Microblading Artist I decided to share my knowledge and experience with others by offering Microblading Training. Since Starting to Date I have Trained and shared my experience with 107 Ladies to Start their own careers as Microblading Artist. I look forward to continuing in the Field that gives so many smiles. 

 For the first time in my life I can finally say that I love what I do. Thank you for all of your business and continued support.

Mecca D.

Owner & Artist