Our Royal Numb has be proven to be one of the best on the Market. It has been noted to work past the first past when used as directed. Its formulated for intake skin. Can be applied over Microblading water resistent mapping pencils with smurging. 

Royal Numb 10g

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  • On the day of the procedure: A patch test can be performed to determine if you have any sensitivity to the pigment. We use only sterilized pigments made in the USA. I will then discuss the shape which would be most flattering for your face as well as 2 or 3 colors of pigment for you to choose from  which will harmonize with your skin’s undertones. I can also blend pigment for a client’s skin tone. I will show you some before and after photographs to give you an idea of how the procedure can transform and give youth to your facial features. I  'pre-draws" your new eyebrow using brow pencil. This ensured that the correct colors and styles are chosen and the finished result is exactly what you want. No-ones brows are the same. Because client comfort is the utmost importance to us, numbing agents are applied prior and during the treatment process.  Your appointment takes around 2 to 3 hours  and our clients describe the sensation as 'like having your eyebrows tweezed or threaded" I will usually schedule 2 to 3 visits to give you the perfect result. During the second or third visit the color can be adjusted, made warmer or cooler if skin chemistry demands it. I will work conservatively, so I will increase the width of the brow or eyeliner as sessions progress. This can give a client time to adjust to the look of having their facial features refreshed with color.


    Store Numbing in 10-30 degrees. keep closed tightly after first use to prevent numbing from oxyidizing. Use Complete Tub in 7 to 14 days for best quality. 

  • The Royal Brow do not accept returns however you may exchange your product within 10 days for another item or a store credit. Product must be in Brand new condidtion with all original packaging Our Credits do not expire and can only be used in store.